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Greenhouse Class Descriptions

1 - Pre -k-2 Creative Learning Day Thursdays Each class is $160 for the pre-k-2 classes – discount can be taken if student takes both Thursday and Friday classes. While we will use as many modes of learning as possible, learning aurally is an amazing way to retain information and grow a soul. The part of the brain that remembers music retains information long term. Littles ELA through Music and games. Students will meet together to have a time of literature through music. This will encompass story reading, and movement to music that relates to the story such as Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty, for example. Then students may have a time where they divide by readiness to writing and language arts development. This creative and imaginative learning method is best for littles and the best way to learn musicality. One day $160, two days $280 Little Musical Series –“Safety Kids”. This is an easy and gentle way to teach students personal safety and health. Students will learn to sing their telephone number, what to do should they get separated from their parents, the buddy system etc. This will also serve as early littles theater and choral training. “Sing it You’ll Never Forget It” Spanish Through Music- Students will spend time learning basic Spanish through songs, games and practice. Tap and Rhythm All musicians and dancers must learn adept usage of the the right and left sides of the body. Tap works with both small and large muscles and is training in coordination, rhythm and the right and left side of the body.

2 - US History: $280 Early American History is studied both in third and 5th grade. We will study the subject matter together but the packets for third/fourth grade will be age appropriate and the 5th 6th will be more advanced. Students may pick level A or Level B packets depending on their skill level. This class will pair really well with Musical History Drama this year. 7/8 US History will be History to 1914. We will be using the Holt United States History Independence to 1914 as it covers all state standards for Middle school and does a good job of it. This too is a really good pairing with MHD. There is no 9th grade History so we will not do that class this year.

3 - Language arts and Math for all grades 3rd through first year high school: Junior High and High school level must sign up for both days. Elementary grades are highly encouraged to do both days but if that is not possible speak to the teacher about doing one day at home. The math we will be using is Saxon. We will follow State Standards. Elementary ELA grades will focus on neat penmanship and cursive, reading and skill building. There will be a syllabus and if you are a charter student, supervising teachers will be able to see what students are doing. Teachers will put out their curriculum soon so you can see what they will focus on. All classes will focus on good Classic literature that is wholesome and age appropriate. $280

4 - Spanish for Elementary and Spanish 1 (Middle and - High school): All Spanish Classes will be age appropriate basic level introduction to Spanish. $260

5 - Arts an P.E Electives. In the Afternoon we will offer a few electives: 1)Grade 3-6 Basic Piano ~ Pianos will be available to take home and the class will be a basic piano class that is age appropriate for elementary student. Note reading, just playing a few fun memorized songs for motivation, chords, rhythm and some theory will be included. $260 2)Grade 3-6 Strings class – Class will have basic instruction on note reading, correct form and posture, playing in a group, rhythm and learning simple songs by rote. Students will perform for the Christmas concert at Lincoln High school. Teacher has some instruments and a great resource for getting instruments. $260 3)Grades 5 and above – Band – Students will learn flute, clarinet, trombone or trumpet as a first instrument. Strings may join as well to create a little basic orchestra. Students must provide the band instrument. $160 4)Grade 4 and above Sewing– This will be a basic sewing class for students who have little or no experience in sewing. $200 5)Theatre – Students will learn the basics of theater, drama and acting using several learning tools to learn, drama, comedy, improv, script writing, blocking and more. $280.00 6)Fitness and PE – Age appropriate sports activities including learning team sports. $260

6 - Friday Class Descriptions Pre Block 11:00 SWING, LINE, THEATER AND OTHER DANCE STYLES – This class will cover several styles of group dancing. $100 BLOCK 1 – 1:00 ((*** Age ranges are approximate. Check with teacher if you want to try a certain class) K-3 READING, WRITING AND LITERATURE THROUGH MUSIC/or STEAM through Music – Each week, students will have age-appropriate opportunity to brush up and review basic concepts of reading and writing that helps insure correct reading. In addition, each week students will have a story that coincides with a famous classical piece. Stories such as Peter and the Wolf, Peer Gynt, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Firebird will be read and the coinciding great musical classic will be covered. Our studies will also have a musical component to learning the foundational concepts of reading and writing…a gentle and fun way to reinforce these basic language elements. The Steam class is similar but has a little broader focus including science, math, language and music concepts. $160.00 4th and up ARTISTIC WORKSHOP -This workshop is designed to explore artistic concepts, including sketching, painting, and ceramic sculpture. Class sessions throughout the semester will focus on 3 major projects, including one of each concept. Projects are designed to challenge the artist with specific commissioned parameters while also allowing for their own creative expression. -Materials for this class are provided. Since Art can get messy, it is recommended that kids bring their own apron or wear clothes they do not mind getting paint or other art materials on. At the end of the semester, students will have the opportunity to display their work on Westside Recital days. $160.00 BLOCK 2 -2:00 MUSICAL HISTORY DRAMA (grades 3-12) It is remarkable how we remember songs and catchy tunes our whole lives. That is because music is stored in the most resilient part of the mind. Plato said, “I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning” That is why you can remember just about every commercial jingle that you learned from the time you were three….and why it is an ideal place to teach from. “Sing it…You’ll never forget it.” In addition to music, acting and movement is added in order to create an actual “musical” in the fullest Broadway sense of the term. Singing, movement and drama creates a learning environment that incorporates the auditory, kinesthetic and visual learning styles to provide a broad spectrum of complete learning. This year the theme is: AMERICA – 1776. We will explore the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States through song dance and theater will tell the story of how we became America. $160.00 K-3 ARTISTIC DISCOVERY - Class sessions focus on a combination of sensory play and the discovery of basic artistic foundations in drawing, painting, and ceramic sculpture. Materials used can range from playdough and crayons, paint on canvas, and even ceramic and glazing technique. Class projects vary each semester, incorporating fun holiday-themed projects and considering the level of the artists in the class. All materials are provided in class. Students will have an opportunity to display their work at the Westside recital at the end of the semester. $160.00 BLOCK 3 - 3:00 VIOLIN and STRINGS – Small group instruction for beginning violin, viola and cello grades k-6. Classes are divided by age and level appropriateness from basic beginner through basic intermediate. All students receive basic instruction on position, posture, note reading, rhythm as well as rote memorization and learning to play songs at their level. Students will perform at the Placer County Youth Orchestra December Benefit concert and will have other opportunities to perform throughout the year. *** for students k-2 violin is the only instrument option for strings. At third grade students may choose viola or cello. $160 ROCK/CONTMPORARY BAND – For students in last year’s Piano and Guitar OR kids with prior training. Students using drums, guitar, bass piano and adjunct instruments will put their skills to use and learn the art of playing in a contemporary band. Following chord charts, learning songs to perform and learning to play together as a group will be the emphasis of class time. This class is the next step for students who would like to play in worship bands or just start a garage band. $260 COSTUME DESIGN – Students in Musical History Drama will have the opportunity to create some of their own costumes and accessories. They will learn about the eras and the cultures of the people they are becoming in the show. This will not cover all the costuming but a good portion of it. $100 BLOCK 4 – 4:00 CHOIR, VOCAL ENSEMBLE – In choir vocal ensemble, students will be trained and coached in proper singing techniques. Sight singing will be part of the curriculum as well as rhythm and harmony. Choral students will sing ensemble pieces for choir with a variety of styles including musicals and Disney movies as tools for learning. We will learn how to read notes and properly warm up our voices for correct singing. In addition, we will learn a little about the biology of the voice, the physical parts of singing that carry diction and how to control the sound from your larynx and abdominal muscles. We will cover different styles of singing and learn to appreciate and enjoy them, as well as learning to love the art of song. Students will have opportunities to perform throughout the year. $160 ROCK BAND CON’T TAP – Basic tap will cover early basics of dance forms including poise, good posture and coordination. $160 SPORTS FITNESS – basic PE class and sports development. $100 *****Tuesdays and Thursday Core classes will also be part of our Curriculum. ELA, MATH and HISTORY for all grade ranges, Theater, Strings, Piano, PE and Thursday pre --2nd grade classes Website: Email: Phone: (916) 624-7610

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